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Introducing the Citymapper Smartbus

Reinventing the bus for the smart city era.

This has been a long time coming. We’re proud to unveil our biggest kept secret: Project Grasshopper (previously known as Project Caterpillar, (previously known as Project “yo, we should buy a bus. totally.”)).

We’re running a (smarter) bus service

In fact, we’re reinventing the entire software stack for running and operating a bus. We believe smarter buses lead to better mobility and cities.

So why are we doing THIS?

First we built an app to help you get around town, using open data. But we found the data needed fixing, so we built tools to do so. We also built tools to analyze the data and learned a lot about how people are moving around. When we studied the existing public transit routes, we realized that they don’t always serve people best, nor evolve quickly enough to accommodate changes in the city.


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London, ON, Canada

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