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Ridership on Metro fell to the lowest level in more than a decade last year

Despite a growing population and a booming economy, the number of trips taken on Los Angeles County's bus and rail network last year fell to the lowest level in more than a decade.

Passengers on Metropolitan Transportation Authority buses and trains took 397.5 million trips in 2017, a decline of 15% over five years. Metro's workhorse bus system, which carries about three-quarters of the system's passengers, has seen a drop of nearly 21%.

Rail ridership increased 3.6% over five years, bolstered by significant ridership gains on the Expo Line on the new extension to Santa Monica. But trips on the Blue Line fell 21%, and trips on the Green Line dropped 26%.

The ridership decline plaguing Metro and other Southern California transit agencies provides a grim assessment of public officials' efforts to shift commuters from driving to public transit.

"I like riding the bus," Bowden said. "It's my time to put on my headphones and read. I don't have the responsibility of driving. But it takes a long time."

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