London Transportation Alliance fosters collaboration with all regional stakeholders to ensure we not only understand the core needs of the region, but also help integrate transportation needs successfully.


Providing a Modern Road Network

A road network designed for future mobility needs will use technology and innovation to optimize the existing roadways by leading in traffic management, urban design and providing opportunities to support all modes of travel including transit, driving, ridesharing, cycling and walking.


Enhancing Public transit, shared transportation services and environmental stewardship

Mobility is a critical factor in the quality of life in a region, impacting the ability of people to access employment, education, healthcare and social activities.  Insuring that people are provided a high level of mobility regardless of income or physical ability is vital to a region’s livability.


Removing rail freight from London and converting these corridors to bike/pedestrian facilities and evaluating the possibility of providing rapid transit on these corridors.

The CP and CN rail freight lines which dissect London from east to west continue to be a significant source of transportation delays for Londoners and also compromises public safety.


Improving Active Transportation Options in Urban Areas

The London Transportation Alliance recognizes the benefits of providing a variety of active transportation options, including improved health of residents, better air quality and reduced greenhouse gas emissions, a more connected and efficient transportation network and reduced traffic congestion.

London, ON, Canada

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