Richmond Light Rail Crosssing





Acquire and Convert CP Line To Light Rail

  • London builds a freight line for CN and CP that bypasses the built up areas of London

  • London builds a state of the art freight managing facility and rail car repair facility for CN and CP. Either in the existing freight managing facility or at locations agreed upon.

  • CN and CP give their freight tracks to the City of London, which are converted by the city for Light Rail Transit

  • CN retains one track for passenger service. (probably the south along York St.)

  • Light rail and bike paths can run in same right of way.

  • London builds 5km of new light rail at the airport to link with the (new) existing light rail and 1km from existing rail spur on First St. into Fanshawe College campus, and possibly a new 3.5km line along Crumlin Side Rd. (possible phase 2)

  • London builds end terminal and parking facilities for commuters, one at the west end of the city where the two rail lines merge, one in the east end of the city and a possible one in the south end.

  • CN Station can be the main downtown terminal for both CN Rail and Light Rail users.

  • The stub rail lines could still be used to access the new freight line by scheduling the time of use.


Benefits of Light rail System For London

  • Removal of trains carrying hazardous materials through the core of London

  • Removal of freight trains that conflict with vehicular and pedestrian traffic

  • Improves aesthetics and land use along rail line

  • Environmentally better for city

  • Moves people more quickly and efficiently

  • No expropriation of properties within the city

  • No additional overpasses required. LRT trains can use standard rail crossing signals, with very short vehicle delays

  • No construction disruption to implement

  • Consumer friendly and appealing type of transportation Smart Transit

  • Significant opportunities for infill (intensification) housing development

  • Contributes to downtown utilization and supports downtown activities

  • Connects the airport, Western Fair District, Fanshawe Collage, East London industrial Parks

  • No disruption to citizens or businesses - in fact will improve businesses

  • As more downtown workers utilize the LRT, the demand for parking decreases. Making available more properties for redevelopment

London, ON, Canada

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